Agloco - Get Paid To Surf

For those who were online in 1999, you may remember AllAdvantage a Get paid to surf program. Basically, by displaying the AllAdvantage toolbar while you surfed, you got paid. And when you referred people to the program and they surfed, you got paid. It worked VERY well, except that the management team at the company could not handle the economic recession period from those times.

Don't get me wrong. I earned big time with this program. And it was incredibly viral.

A little bite of a background will make u understand what I say.

AllAdvantage was launched on March 31, 1999, by its four founders Jim Jorgensen, Johannes Pohle, Carl Anderson, and Oliver Brock. During its nearly 2 years of operation, it raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation.

By the time it closed its doors, the company had paid out over $120 million to its members.

Since then, I've been waiting for a similar opportunity to arrive. It just has!

Here's the deal.

Agloco promises to pay you to do what you normally do.

Simple... use your browser to surf the web.And, if you tell your friend, you both will earn money.

And totally free to join.

What happens when you sign up for Agloco is simple: you install a piece of software on your computer that displays a small Viewbar below your current web browser window.

Your money extends 5 levels deep - you, signing up friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends, and you make money at every level.

There's a lot more to what you can do with your Agloco membership - you can get shares in the company, you can give your earned money to your favorite charity and more.

The toolbar is currently in beta, so you want to get as many people as possible signed up for the release NOW!